What is Redis?

Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) is an open-source data store that provides in-memory, caching, and message broker structure. With the sub-millisecond response timing, this database structure helps real-time applications update fast and sync quickly. It can handle millions of multiple requests simultaneously and bear the various loads. As a Redis database development company, Avidclan provides advanced and complex database development solutions that enhance the efficiency of your software solution. We aim to improve performance and give low-latency solutions this database service.


Create, Design, and Manage databases that can augment the speed of your app

A top-notch and innovative open-source data store, Redis makes complex and advanced solutions intuitive and accessible for the user. With the help of Redis modules and structured database management systems, our developers offer tailored solutions that meet your business requirements. There are several technology-driven use cases for this data store, from AI to IoT.

Process-driven Development

Our team follows a process-driven development approach that involves conversations with the client, understanding their requirements and knowledge of their systems. This helps create a unique and tailored database that meets their caching, request handling, and queuing needs.

Assured Quality Audit

Quality is at the core of every application we develop and deliver. We need to offer a high-performing and quality database solution that meets your unique demands. We have a defined quality assurance team that conducts audits of the database and keeps optimizing it for quality.

Flexible Engagement Models

It is possible that you may not have the requisite expertise to manage database solutions with Redis. That’s where our team steps in. You don’t have to hire the entire team. We offer flexibility in engaging the developers. You can either choose to engage them hourly or for the whole duration of the project.

Database Experts

We have a team that is proficient with database creation and management. At the same time, they have a good understanding of technologies like MongoDB, SQL, and others that help them leverage Redis to boost database management efforts. Our team works with you from Discovery to the deployment of database solutions.

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Our Expertise with Redis Database Solutions

Knowledge of DBMS Tools

To leverage Redis for unique database structure and architecture, our developers are proficient with tools like Clickhouse and Cassandra to use SQL to create queries and improve real-time communication.

Proficiency with Redis

This platform offers a plethora of data structures- hashes, lists sets, and much more. Our developers have hands-on experience in delivering smooth and seamless database solutions with this tool.

Understanding of Non-relational Databases

Non-relational databases allow you to store data in an easy format to retrieve and access. Our developers have complete knowledge and are pro with non-relational databases such as NoSQL and MongoDB, which allows them to create accessible databases.

Security Patches

With data vulnerability being a key reason customers don’t trust applications, our database developers ensure we offer security-first database services with Redis. Our team works on the data vulnerabilities and adds various security measures that keep them safe.


We are highly experienced with development system administration tasks using both Linux and Shell Scripting.


Our Redis Development Services

Redis Application Development

Leveraging the inherent features of the Redis store, we offer capable and robust application and database solutions that make data accessible, secure and scalable. We ensure smooth and managed data storage, retrieval, and access with our tailored database solutions.

IoT Application Development

There is a data overload in IoT-driven app solutions with the plethora of devices connected over an application. Database plays a pivotal role in managing, organizing, and controlling the data environment. To support your growing database needs, our Redis development offers well-defined Redis database solutions.

Enterprise App Development

Want to connect your fully operational legacy system to your mobile application? Our team will take care of data migration without data loss, enhancing your systems and ensuring complete connectivity.


Migrating data from one system to another can be a headache. But not anymore! With us as your database solutions partner, we offer risk-free and well-structured migration processes. Our team adheres to standard practices that help with effortless and smooth migration.

Security Enhancements

With a complete understanding of Redis ports and knowledge of protected mode, we can offer multi-layered security that keeps the data vulnerabilities at bay. Our loopback interfaces for queries ensure your data is safe from hackers.

Maintenance and Support

Our team is available 24/7 to help you with database-related issues and resolves them immediately. We also extend periodic maintenance to enhance the overall performance and optimize the app for load and scalability to maximize the app downloads.


Key Benefits of Redis Development

Exceptional Performance

As the data stays in memory, it ensures low latency and high throughput, improving the overall app performance.


When it comes to database structures, it offers immense flexibility. You have a plethora of data types, including strings, lists, and sorted sets.

Usable Database

The traditional database methods are complex and require intensive coding. Not with Redis. You can create or design your database with a few simple lines of code.

Cost-effective solutions

It is an open-source technology with no vendor lock-in, you can create simple and efficient solutions at affordable rates.


The clustered topology available with Redis allows you to scale up or down your database size.


What Our Clients Say

Skillfuly accomplished the complex development tasks. Team was available for discussion on changes or requests. It was a great pleasure to work with the Avidclan team.

Darpon K.
CEO & Founder

We have worked with the team many times over different projects in the last few years, and always value having them working with us. They are great communicators and the quality of work is excellent.

Tom A.
Technical Director

Avidclan did a splendid job building our UI and frontend exactly the way we wanted. They understood the requirements very well and delivered well ahead of time.

Grégoire P.
Managing director

Team communicates very well and adheres to deadlines, even getting work done early. They take time to perfect their work and made sure that we were fully satisfied with the quality of work.

Nicolas P.
Web Designer

Fantastic skills and the development team has got a great eye for detail and accuracy and they were very easy to work with.

Sanuka S.
Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost and timeframe for Redis database solutions depend on the type of project, the database structure and the complexity. It also includes the dependencies for the database integration and management.

Our developers are proficient with PHP, Java, C# and Python that allows them to build capable and robust applications with REdis database development.

Once we have defined the requirements and the scope, we sign an NDA before beginning the project.

We have a standard development process that relies on 100% transparency. We send out weekly reports, take regular calls and communicate about the happening with the clients. We also ensure that the clients have provided their approvals for key development phases.
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