What is ReactJS?

React is a JavaScript Library. Hence, the JS. It was developed by Meta (then Facebook) in 2013 and is still maintained by them. However, it is now available as an open-source resource. ReactJS is essentially a front end web development. It is used to build interactive user interfaces. If you come across a sophisticating looking website, like ours, it is probably built with React. Netflix, Instagram, and Uber, are all built using React. At Avidclan, we hold a special place in our skillsets for React, if you are looking to build an application with your dream UI, you are at the right place.


Create Beautiful looking Websites for a Richer user Experience Using ReactJS

ReactJS is one of the most powerful libraries for web front end development. At Avidclan, we are leveraging the force of ReactJS to create stunning looking web apps, with a rich UI and a seamless user experience.

On-Time Delivery

With years of experience and a rich skill set in ReactJS development, our team has a proven track record of on-time deliveries. We ensure that a healthy channel of communication is made with our clients on deliverables and deadlines.

Custom ReactJS Development

At Avidclan, we think out of the box. Our solutions are unique to the core, so we don’t expect our clients to go for mundane industry solutions. No matter what the requirement, our team of React developers specializes in implementing all peculiar ideas. Whether you are looking for web plugins, APIs, SaaS, or complete integrations, we are happy to help!

Rich & Interactive UI/UX Development

We truly believe in the power of UI/user experience design. Boring, old-school basic solutions that don’t include UI/UX as part of their core design don’t fly anymore. That’s why we at Avidclan leverage ReactJS to create clean web and mobile app solutions. We ensure that our applications are result driven and offer a rich user experience to our clients.

Agile Methodology

Our development teams rely on the agile software development methodology to give our clients the best experience. Creation and development is a collaborative effort. And especially when you are working on web front end. We ensure that we work with you, and for you. We offer healthy support to our clients, with constant improvements at every step.

Create your own development team now

Hire ReactJS Developers

If you are interested in a hands free, no-stress deployment, just drop a "Hi!". Our expert developers are eager to help you create business solutions that WORK for YOU! We take immense pleasure in creating business solutions, and will be sure to keep you satisfied. If not, the first 7 days are on us!

Our Expertise with React JS Development

React.JS Frontend Development

ReactJS is one of the best libraries for front-end web development, and our team of developers has championed it! We create highly innovative, user-centric, responsive solutions. You can rely on us for high skilled services for lightweight DOM, one-way binding development through ReactJS.

Web Application Development with ReactJS

If you are looking for a one stop shop for your new idea, we are here for you. Our team of ReactJS developers will hold your hand through the first stages of business analysis, finalizing the UI, implementation, full stack development, support & maintenance.

Dynamic Web Apps

ReactJS is the best solution in the industry for creating dynamic web apps. Our team of avid learners have found a way to leverage, React and Redux to create dynamic web apps for mobile and other platforms.

Single Page Application (SPA) Development

At Avidclan, our teams create efficiency single page applications with a clean rich user interface. If you are looking for a quick release to market, for a high performance SPA we are here for you.

Progressive Web Apps

Kean on a native-app user experience in the browser? We create the best, progessive web apps so that our clients and their clients can conveniently access our solutions on their choice of platforms.

Seamless Migration to ReactJS

No matter how cluttered your user interface is right now, Avidclan developers are happy to help! We help our clients sort out the mess and create beautiful looking web apps with ReactJS.


Our ReactJS Development Services

High Performing Web Apps

For high performance, result-driven, scalable and extensible web apps, our team of React Developers has mastered the game.

Rich UI Applications

We develop beautiful looking, user-centric web applications using the power of ReactJS. Dive in a rich UI/UX with ReactJS.

Clean APIs with ReactJS

We create industry’s best APIs. We ensure that you are happy with the solutions, so that your clients are happy.

Blockchain & Fintech Development

Entering the game of blockchain & fintech? We ensure you seamless development of applications for state of the art fintech and blockchain based web apps.

ERP Solutions with React.JS

We creat user centric with rich UI based ERP solutions with React.JS development. We provide quick in house solutions.

CRM Solutions with React

Our team of ReactJS developers are leveraging the library to create customized CRM solutions for our clients.


Key Benefits of ReactJS Development

Component Based

ReactJS doesn’t use a strict line of code, but uses small components. This let’s users split it into smaller independents fragments and create complex unser interfaces.

Open Source

Many developers contribute to making ReactJS a bug free and state of the art development platform. And with thousands of skilled developers, you get new template options literally every day.


ReactJS allows users to create be in control of the state and flow of the apps. Making updates and new changes super easy to render.

Easy to Use

It is super easy to create and maintain applications using React.JS.

High Performance

ReactJS offers front end development with result driven applications and high performance.


Being open source, ReactJS is free to use.


What Our Clients Say

Skillfuly accomplished the complex development tasks. Team was available for discussion on changes or requests. It was a great pleasure to work with the Avidclan team.

Darpon K.
CEO & Founder

We have worked with the team many times over different projects in the last few years, and always value having them working with us. They are great communicators and the quality of work is excellent.

Tom A.
Technical Director

Avidclan did a splendid job building our UI and frontend exactly the way we wanted. They understood the requirements very well and delivered well ahead of time.

Grégoire P.
Managing director

Team communicates very well and adheres to deadlines, even getting work done early. They take time to perfect their work and made sure that we were fully satisfied with the quality of work.

Nicolas P.
Web Designer

Fantastic skills and the development team has got a great eye for detail and accuracy and they were very easy to work with.

Sanuka S.
Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Using ReactJS we can create web applications, progressive web apps, single page applications, dynamic web applications, support mobile applications. Basically everything on the web and desktop front end, ReactJS is the go to library. For mobile applications, there is React Native.

Yes, ReactJS can be leveraged to create enterprise, large scale web applications. However, a lot of small-scale developers use and contribute to the ecosystem of ReactJS.

ReactJS is used for front-end web development. It is specifically a front-end Java library. It supports declarative component-based coding. Making it a breeze to work with for front-end development. React also enables developers to update and additions without the existing code. React can also render on the server using React Native.

ReactJS is a free open-source library. The entire ecosystem of React offers a plethora of libraries and apps, mostly free to use and open source. ReactJS offers one of the cheapest platforms or services with respect to front-end development.

No, React Native is used to create mobile applications.

ReactJS uses a Virtual DOM. To power its declarative API, instead of a real DOM, React makes changes in the virtual DOM. A representation of sorts of the real DOM is kept in the memory. This is known as the Virtual DOM. This is the virtual representation of the UI synced with the real DOM. Objects here represent the UI. ReactDOM is a library that enables this sync.

Yes, being a power-packed front-end library, React offers users many options for creating animations. React Transition Group, React Motion, React Spring, or Framer Motion can all be leveraged to create animations in React.
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