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Java is one of the most popular, and top notch programming languages and platforms. It is the first choice of developers for creating enterprise grade software. From extremely simple and small to large scale, highly complex applications, Java does it all. It follows a write once, run anywhere code concept. At Avidclan we leverage the power of Java to create high performance software with complex customizations and a highly flexible deployment environment.


Hassle Free Custom Java Development

Avidclan's expert team of Java Software developers delivers high performance and interactive app experience. Are you looking to build power-packed software? We create tailor-made applications to offer a seamless, highly interactive user experience on all platforms.


At Avidclan, we've been experimenting with Java Software for business operation solutions for our clients for quite a bit of time now. Our Java Software developers team is fetching powerful tools for our clients to help stay atop of the game. We work with multiple tools and deploy solutions catering to expanding markets, and growing organizations. We offer a variety of services leveraging the power of Java.

Custom Solutions

At Avidclan, we understand the power of customization in software and in house applications. Whatever you are looking for, we make the right concoction of the Java Software ecosystem to implement high impact, and high performing, custom software. With years of experience in different industries, we are well versed with trending and classic Java libraries and frameworks like Gails, Springs, Struts, Hadoop and EJB.

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If you are interested in a hands free, no-stress deployment, just drop a "Hi!". Our expert developers are eager to help you create business solutions that WORK for YOU! We take immense pleasure in creating business solutions, and will be sure to keep you satisfied. If not, the first 7 days are on us!

Our Expertise with Java Development

Custom Solutions

At Avidclan, we hold expertise in developing custom, cross-platform Java based software solutions. Our Java Software developers can create high-performance solutions for various business operations requirements, incorporating unique, nuanced features.

Result Driven Solutions

As an experienced Java Software solutions development company, we leverage the correct mix of Java’s ecosystem and tools to create an ideal high-impact, result-driven solution. We ensure that customer information and updates reach your team in real-time.

Spring Framework

At Avidclan, we fully leverage the power of our rich Java Software developer ecosystem to give our clients the dream software experience. With Spring, we create cloud solutions, microservices, and even complex data processing systems. Spring’s new updates offer a lightweight, easy to work with the lightweight framework. A much-needed boost to the Java ecosystem.

Big Data

Avidclan's team of expert Java software solutions developers doesn't restrict itself to traditional apps. We are here with the power of data to provide you the next generation of analytics and stay atop your game. Powered by Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, and Deeplearning4j, our teams are creating industry’s best Big Data solutions with Java.

Java 9-17

We create state-of-the-art, responsive, native mobile applications with the power of Java. Our teams are equipped with the latest technologies Java offers with Java 9, 10 and 17. Avidclan’s Java Development team is well-versed with the updates, and module changes in Jigsaw and Reactive streams.

Serverless Architecture

The burden of physical servers in software development had been quite high for some time! With serverless architecture, Java is making waves amongst the community for cloud development platforms. Among Avidclan’s rich Java tech stacks are Oracle Java Cloud Service, AWS SDK for Java, and Google App Engine for a seamless serverless architecture.


Our Java Services

Java AI-Driven Apps

AI apps are a must for growing businesses! Our Java development teams create high-performance AI-driven apps by leveraging Java’s high portability ecosystem.

SaaS Solutions

We deliver power-packed and highly robust SaaS solutions with Java. At Avidclan, we develop interactive, enterprise-grade business solutions for B2B companies.


Avidclan offers Java mobile applications that are cross-platform and highly interactive. We create a native mobile experience with a rich array of features, and result-driven, high-performance apps.

Servlet API

Are you looking for highly nuanced web app solutions? Our highly skilled team of Java developers modular, scalable, reliable, web apps with JSP, Servlet API, JSF, and much more.

Integration Testing

Avidclan's highly dedicated team of Java Development solutions developers enables integration testing with JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, REST-Assured!

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Key Benefits of Java


Java is a one of a kind object oriented programming language, and is super easy to learn and implement. Developer community is very well versed with Java and find it really easy to traverse through bugs, new ideas with Java. Making Java development feature rich, and highly robust.


Java not just offers an easy programming language but a highly scalable environment to work in. The Java platform takes into account the growth of the company, and is one of the easiest platforms to work with for scalability. No matter how complex the software, at Avidclan we leverage the power of Java to create extensible, scalable apps.


Java offers a great deal of flexibility. With Java code reusability is a big boon, because any module can be reused. And this is extremely helpful in highly complex, enterprise grade applications where there is a lot of overlap. Following a clean coding environment, developers get a highly flexible space to create nuanced solutions.


Not only are Java solutions extremely cost-efficient but they are also highly scalable. Code reusability and easy to scale Java solutions, such as those created by our Java developer team at Avidclan make Java a go to choice for developers. In addition to this, Java is available as an open source language.


Java puts a lot of effort into keeping its platform highly secure. Java handles internal and external security issues with agility and state of the art security measures. With high impact Java software such as the ones we create at Avidclan, businesses get a complete, robust, end to end solution that is highly secure.


What Our Clients Say

Skillfuly accomplished the complex development tasks. Team was available for discussion on changes or requests. It was a great pleasure to work with the Avidclan team.

Darpon K.
CEO & Founder

We have worked with the team many times over different projects in the last few years, and always value having them working with us. They are great communicators and the quality of work is excellent.

Tom A.
Technical Director

Avidclan did a splendid job building our UI and frontend exactly the way we wanted. They understood the requirements very well and delivered well ahead of time.

Grégoire P.
Managing director

Team communicates very well and adheres to deadlines, even getting work done early. They take time to perfect their work and made sure that we were fully satisfied with the quality of work.

Nicolas P.
Web Designer

Fantastic skills and the development team has got a great eye for detail and accuracy and they were very easy to work with.

Sanuka S.
Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Java is a highly flexible, cost-effective platform, and open source language. Avidclan offers holistic and insightful Java solutions for many industries at a relatively low fee. But the exact cost can be determined depending on the requirements. Java softwares is supported by many open source libraries and frameworks allowing developers to create highly cost effective projects.

We at Avidclan offer a well rounded end to end Java migration service. We deliver hassle-free migration services for all your traditional cross platform applications to the latest Java technology. We create highly robust and secure transitions with robust tech stacks and ensure the essence of your apps retain whilst adding the much needed Java boost at the base.

Absolutely! Java offers one of the best resources out there for thorough Remote Access solutions. With the pandemic, the demand for Remote Access solutions skyrocketed, and Java did not disappoint with its resource-rich platform and various libraries. Remote apps can be easily created with Java.

Yes! At Avidclan, we support our clients through all projects' full development life cycle. Our expert team of Java developers takes care of maintenance, support and upgrades for all our software and custom solutions.

Yes, licensing for multiple versions of Java is available under different publics licences including GNU for OpenSDK Java.

Java’s OpenSDK has been free for over a decade now, and is available for scrutiny and additions from the open source community.

Not all applications built with Java need a server side system to launch. Java enables developers to launch applications via browser using the Java plug in software. This is not a standalone software, applications built on the JRE can be launched on browsers via the Java plug in software.

JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment, it is a platform to build and run Java applications. It comprises the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, Java’s classes and libraries.

Java SE is short for Java Platform, Standard Edition. This is a software development kit to write and create apps.

Java EE is short for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. This is an environment to write, create and build web specific Java applications.
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