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MongoDB is a document-based database management system. It is classified under NoSQL database programs and is highly preferred to support high performance software. Being document based, it relies on documents instead of the usual rows and columns to store data. It allows users to store multivariate data easily, as it is not an RDBMS. At Avidclan, we use MongoDB to create a highly scalable environment for high performance apps.


No Hassle Database Systems

Avidclan's expert team of MongoDB developers delivers high performance and extensible software experience. Are you looking to build power-packed software and applications with the support of MongoDB? We create tailor-made MongoDB solutions to support your operations for a seamless, high-performance app environment.


At Avidclan, we've been leveraging the simplified, clean databases offered by MongoDB to support solutions for ages. MongoDB is one of the most powerful database programs out there, and we've leveraged it to support high-performance and interactive multi-platform applications. At Avidclan we use MongoDB to support highly technically strong yet high-impact applications.

High Performance

At Avidclan, we understand the power of databases in creating customized, feature-rich, native multi-platform applications that offer the best performance metrics. Whatever you are looking for, we make the right MongoDB database support to execute your ideas. With years of experience in different industries, we have mastered the perfect databases for highly interactive custom solutions.

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If you are interested in a hands free, no-stress deployment, just drop a "Hi!". Our expert developers are eager to help you create business solutions that WORK for YOU! We take immense pleasure in creating business solutions, and will be sure to keep you satisfied. If not, the first 7 days are on us!

Our Expertise with MongoDB Development

Custom Solutions

At Avidclan, we hold expertise in leveraging MongoDB's document-oriented ecosystem to develop custom, high-performance applications. Our team of MongoDB developers can create high-performance databases to support high-performance apps.

Big Data

Have huge data sets but feeling lost? A huge volume of complex incoming data can be an asset! That's why we leverage the power of MongoDB to mine, compile, interpret and analyse your incoming complex data for your good!

High Traffic Apps

When your consumer inflow is huge, you need to make big moves. And we prepare you for the scalability and the back your traffic with MongoDB's customizable document oriented database solutions.

High Speed

No app or software can offer high-speed performance when the data is bulky and data management is in chaos. That's why we specialize in creating a supporting database environment with MongoDB so your apps run at a high speed!

Agile Development

At Avidclan we ensure to create an atmosphere of inclusive growth with the agile development methodology. A dedicated scrum master will ensure to keep you in the loop and create optimized channels of communication at every step.

Optimized Architecture

We at Avidclan leverage MongoDB's simple and power-packed document store to create the most optimized data architecture for our clients. No matter how intricate the business operations we ensure that the architecture is spot on.


Our MongoDB Services

MongoDB Consulting

Unsure what your database architecture should be like? Our teams are happy to help your plan and ideate the perfect MongoDB-based database architecture for your business.

Performance Optimizition

We deliver power-packed customizable, scalable solutions leveraging the power of MongoDB. At Avidclan, keep your databases clean so your apps run at high speeds.

MEAN Stack Development

MongoDB goes hand in hand with JavaScript. We ensure that every JavaScript project offers a seamless MongoDB integration with MEAN Stack Development.


Looking for highly nuanced API solutions? Our highly skilled team of MongoDB developers delivers systems, servers, and APIs that interact easily with MongoDB.

Maintenance & Support

Avidclan's highly dedicated team of MongoDB developers is always on the lookout to create better databases, and ensure high performance and timely upgrades!

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Key Benefits of MongoDB

Cloud Based

MongoDB offers a complete set of database management and optimization tools, globally, over the cloud. Making it easily accessible and simple to work with. It offers search engines for APIs, performance-boosting tools, and a cloud-based deployment.

Load Balancing

It is quite tough to handle enterprise grade solutions due to issues in traffic management, reliability and much more. MongoDB tackles this with ease with horizontal sharding. It distributes large datasets over virtual machines, balancing the load.

Ease of Access

Instead of scaling up hardware solutions, MongoDB offers large enterprises and startups alike, the opportunity to leverage its cloud services for quicker, easier solutions. MongoDB offers multiple solutions on the go with its MongoDB service.


MongoDB offers a high level of flexibility in solutions. So you only get what you need right now, and can scale up later as needed. With MongoDB Atlas, users can go for a flexible solution optimized to their needs. And instead of spending on servers, MongoDB allows users to create Serverless Databases.

High Performance

Developers looking to create complex, dynamic, responsive, and interactive applications generally rely on MongoDB because of its capacity to handle a large volume of data in real time. MongoDB ensures the data is processed and managed efficiently.


What Our Clients Say

Skillfuly accomplished the complex development tasks. Team was available for discussion on changes or requests. It was a great pleasure to work with the Avidclan team.

Darpon K.
CEO & Founder

We have worked with the team many times over different projects in the last few years, and always value having them working with us. They are great communicators and the quality of work is excellent.

Tom A.
Technical Director

Avidclan did a splendid job building our UI and frontend exactly the way we wanted. They understood the requirements very well and delivered well ahead of time.

Grégoire P.
Managing director

Team communicates very well and adheres to deadlines, even getting work done early. They take time to perfect their work and made sure that we were fully satisfied with the quality of work.

Nicolas P.
Web Designer

Fantastic skills and the development team has got a great eye for detail and accuracy and they were very easy to work with.

Sanuka S.
Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

MongoDB is a highly cost-effective option for database management. It supports a scalable and flexible database environment. It is also available for free under the Server Side License, and is a source-available program. Avidclan offers MongoDB development for many industries at a relatively low fee. But the exact cost can be determined depending on the requirements.

A NoSQL, document database has many advantages over the traditional row-column type database. Document databases are highly flexible and offer a great deal of complex queries compared to traditional SQL databases. These are also scalable and hassle free. And these create a supportive environment for high performance with horizontal scaling and various new data models.

There are three core design principles for MongoDB. The first is the document data model, this cleans up and presents the data. The second is the distributed systems design, this allows users to intelligently place data. Third, MongoDB offers a unified experience for users to run the apps wherever they please.

MongoDB stores data with BSON documents, these are data structures based on JSON. These documents contain fields, and each field has a data type. These could be binary, arrays, numbers, characters etc. And these could also contain sub documents.

MongoDB offers native drivers for developers to process these documents. .Net, Go, Python, Perl, C# and many other languages and frameworks are supported by MongoDB. Native MongoDB drivers are designed to be idiomatic instead of SQL type string based.

MongoDB offers extensive security, access control and data control measures for data. For authentication, MongoDB uses the SCRAM-256 along with integrations with Windows Active Directory, Kerberos, LDAP etc. MongoDB data can also be encrypted in motion. And MongoDB also offers RBAC or role based access control. MongoDB also records modifications for audit purposes. Overall, MongoDB is highly reliable and secure.

MongoDB can be run mostly anywhere. However, for specifically running MongoDB on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, MongoDB offers a payable service with MongoDB Atlas. There is also MongoDB Ops Manager to run MongoDB on enterprise infrastructure.

Yes, MongoDB does have a schema, however its design vastly differs from the traditional schema design. All the documents in MongoDB are self describing, so there is no central log for schemas. And MongoDB’s schema is dynamic in nature.
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