What is MySQL?

MySQL (My Structured Query Language) is one of the most used database management solutions. It is based on a relational database structure where the data is stored in the form of organized tables. Every data point is connected through keys, which makes it relational. As it is open-source and has been in use for a while, many businesses use this database language to develop their websites.

AvidClan has, over the years as a MySQL database development services and company, gained experience in developing backend solutions with this query language. Whether it is storing the information or rendering important queries, we have been able to device highly functional and superfast keys with this structured language at the core.


An experienced and highly passionate team of SQL developers

Reputed for building a team that offers core database management solutions striving to manipulate your requirements into capable solutions. Our talent pool comprises database designers, creators, developers, testers, and strategists. Together, they collaborate to identify the best-suited tools from Mercurial, Git, and others to help with code versioning and other aspects of database management. You will get high-quality and aspirational products with us as your database services partners.

Expertise in MySQL Services

As a leading MySQL database development company, we offer database development and management solutions for both web and mobile applications. With our database solutions expertise, we can offer highly intrinsic and expertly maneuvered solutions for diverse industries, including retail, healthcare, and eCommerce.

Quality Services

We are reputed for our development environment, standard processes, and defined architecture, allowing us to create quality and performance-based applications. We ensure that every piece of the layout and structure is built on exceptional quality to enhance the end user’s experience.

Cost-effective Solutions

Regarding database development services, we are known for being cost-efficient without compromising on quality. We consider your budget requirements, study your needs and offer a solution at a rate that doesn’t put a dent in your pockets. With us, you get the highest returns on investment.

After Launch Support

Database management requires continuous attention and a lot of work to keep up with the latest technologies. Our maintenance and support team assures you that we are available after the app launch to take care of your database and keep upgrading as per the new requirements.

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Hire MySQL Developers

If you are interested in a hands free, no-stress deployment, just drop a "Hi!". Our expert developers are eager to help you create business solutions that WORK for YOU! We take immense pleasure in creating business solutions, and will be sure to keep you satisfied. If not, the first 7 days are on us!

Our Expertise with MySQL Database Development Services

Storage Engines

At AvidClan, our database solution experts are well-versed with the inherent database storage engines like InnoDB and MyISAM that helps with query retrieval and functional storage solutions.

Code Versioning Tools

With the right code versioning tools, we can ably track and manage the changes made to the database. Our team has proficiency with tools like Git, Mercurial, SVN, and others.

Relational/Non Relational Databases

Our team understands relational and non-relational databases such as Postgre, NoSQL, MongoDB, and others, which helps create sound database structures.


Our team has been working with database management services for a while and is an expert in IDEs such as IntelliJ and Eclipse that allows proper structuring and rendering architecture.

Best Practices

Over the years, we have identified and incorporated the best practices for data extraction, transformation, and load intake phases.


Our MySQL Database Development Services

MySQL Application Development

With MySQL, you can get functional, scalable, high-performing mobile and web applications. Our experts can transform any business idea into a database-defined solution that can ease the client-side usability and enhance the overall functionality with accessible database structures.

Database Development Services

Proficient in relational database structures and considering your requirements, our team works towards strategizing, designing, creating, building, and testing the databases for your applications. We ensure proper rendering and adhere to the best practices.

Integration Services

The database is at the core of all your services and solutions. We quickly integrate your application database with other software solutions in your business, including CRM, ERP, legacy systems, and others, to ensure proper flow of data and quick accessibility.

Consultation Services

Whether you want to create a new database or redesign an existing one, our experts will be by your side, helping you identify the issues, removing the bottlenecks, helping you with the best strategy, and providing the necessary support.

Migration Services

Whether you want to translate your existing solution into a new system or want to change your platform, migration of the database plays a key role. With our knowledge of versioning tools, relational and non-relational databases, and other services, we can offer able database migration services that ensure healthy movement and manage the data.

Maintenance and Support Services

When the database is ready to be used, our developers will work on maintaining it through periodic downtime, regular upgrades, and necessary updates. Our team will support your enterprise with continuous guidance, stable support, and constant consultation to keep up with the newer database management requirements.


Key Benefits of MySQL Database Development Services

Immense Security

With a database management service, you get a highly secure, reliable, and well-structured database management system that protects your data.

Easy to Scale

As you grow, your database will grow, and your app will require scaling. This is easier done with MySQL as it supports database scaling to meet new business needs.

Easy to Use

MySQL ranks higher when looking for database management solutions as it is easy to use and relatively accessible. The learning curve is low for this database service.

Open Source

As it is open-source, the source code is available, and you can manipulate it to fit your needs. Moreover, it helps build cost-effective and highly customized database solutions.


It is one of the most commonly used database structures. You will also find that popular websites have been using it, which is why it is reputed.

Community Support

As MySQL is one of the oldest database management tools, you will have a buzzing community supporting you through your requirements. You can always rely on them for your growing needs.


What Our Clients Say

Skillfuly accomplished the complex development tasks. Team was available for discussion on changes or requests. It was a great pleasure to work with the Avidclan team.

Darpon K.
CEO & Founder

We have worked with the team many times over different projects in the last few years, and always value having them working with us. They are great communicators and the quality of work is excellent.

Tom A.
Technical Director

Avidclan did a splendid job building our UI and frontend exactly the way we wanted. They understood the requirements very well and delivered well ahead of time.

Grégoire P.
Managing director

Team communicates very well and adheres to deadlines, even getting work done early. They take time to perfect their work and made sure that we were fully satisfied with the quality of work.

Nicolas P.
Web Designer

Fantastic skills and the development team has got a great eye for detail and accuracy and they were very easy to work with.

Sanuka S.
Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

MySQL has plenty of use cases, including data warehousing, managing eCommerce database, logging the application and data retrieval.

Yes, we have defined a standard practice that allows us to go step-by-step in planning, designing and creating the database services to suit your requirements. We use sprint-based agile methodology to deliver the solution.

For the security, reliability and data layers it provides, MySQL can help your application with proper structuring, mitigated risks and lowered vulnerabilities.
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