Are You New to App Development: Want Beautiful iPhone and Android Apps in No Time Flutter Could be Just the Tool For You! If you are just getting into app development and would like an easier way of building beautiful apps without learning multiple coding languages - Flutter Could Be Perfect

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source framework from Google that makes building apps for mobile, web and desktop easy! All it requires is one codebase written once and it runs across majority devices!

Why Flutter? Here's a cheat sheet

  1. Cross-Platform Development: Create once then deploy to all platforms! Reduce time and effort by creating code that functions across various platforms.
  2. Rapid development with Hot Reload: Instantly observe the code's changes appear on screen which results in faster iteration cycles and less development time. This feature, referred to as hot reload, makes rapid iterations feasible while speeding development times by a significant amount.
  3. Beautiful and Elegant User Interfaces: Flutter comes with an array of widgets that are pre-built (building blocks to create your app's interface) that are completely customizable to make creating beautiful and user-friendly experiences (UX) easy and effortless.
  4. Smooth Performance: No one likes an application that isn't performing well. That's why Flutter uses its powerful rendering engine (the foundation of the structure) to ensure that it operates smoothly and offers users an outstanding user experience.
  5. Open Source and Has An Engaging community: The Flutter project is backed by Google's experience, along with an active network of developers. You'll be able to access a variety of tutorials, resources as well as support throughout your journey towards becoming proficient in Flutter App development.

Getting Started with Flutter

Here are the essentials needed to build your first Flutter app:

Flutter SDK: You will use Flutter SDK as the foundation to build your app, including pre-built components (widgets) to design its appearance and an engine to ensure smooth running operations. Download it from the official Flutter website.

Development Environment (IDE): Here you'll be writing code. Popular options for Flutter development include 

  1. Visual Studio Code: An open-source code editor known for its customizability options and extensive plugin support; 
  2. Android Studio: Google's official IDE for Android development also provides excellent support for Flutter development.

Optional DevOps Tools: These tools enable developers to focus on creative aspects of development instead of automating mundane tasks like testing and deployment, freeing you to focus on testing and deployment more easily. Popular examples are Jenkins, Travis CI and Circle CI.

Flutter for App Development

Before diving into code, spend some time planning out your app's functionalities and user flow. Create wireframes or use prototyping tools to visualize its layout and interactions.

Locate your target audience and understand their needs. What problem are you solving for them through your app, and which features will most benefit their use of the product?

  1. Design Is Key: Great apps must not only function efficiently, they must also look appealing and be easy to use. Flutter's widget library makes creating beautiful user interfaces simple. Plus, its "hot reload" feature instantly shows any design changes made within an app, saving time spent iterating on app design.
  2. Stable: Flutter provides features to keep your application stable, such as managing user login information effectively and helping prevent bugs that could otherwise arise in its operation. This way, you can ensure your application works uninterrupted for everyone.
  3. Testing Made Easy: Debugging bugs is an integral component of development, and Flutter provides tools that make this easier than ever - so your app works flawlessly for everyone!
  4. Optimizing for Speed: No one likes a slow application! Flutter offers features to ensure that your application runs quickly and responsively - something your users will surely appreciate! 

Learning From the Best

Flutter's vibrant developer community offers invaluable assistance for newcomers looking to learn the ropes. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Online Forums: Post your queries, share your progress updates, and learn from fellow Flutter developers.
  2. GitHub: Explore open-source projects built with Flutter that show experienced developers addressing specific challenges.
  3. Official Documentation: Flutter has an excellent set of documentation that provides everything you need to get started with it.

Real-World Examples

Many companies are already making use of Flutter to build successful apps; here are just a few examples:

  1. Reflectly: Flutter powers this popular journaling app for easy capturing and reflecting upon daily experiences. They build their app more rapidly and cost effectively than with traditional methods.
  2. Alibaba: Flutter helps Alibaba deliver an intuitive user experience across their iOS and Android mobile apps, resulting in seamless shopping experiences for their customers. They launch simultaneously on both iPhone and Android, quickly reaching more of an audience than would otherwise have been possible.
  3. Hamilton: The Musical: Flutter was used to build the official app for this award-winning musical, demonstrating its flexibility for creating engaging and interactive experiences. They realized great time savings by using much of their codebase for both iOS and Android versions of their app, saving significant development resources in doing so.


Flutter is a powerful tool that can help even freshers to build stunning applications. Create incredible apps with the power of programming languages such as Flutter. By employing its powerful tools and techniques along with its supportive community, anyone can build user-friendly applications that run across all the devices - so why not give Flutter a try and see where it takes you!


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